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Basket Bonanza and Open House


10:00 AM - 5:00 PM

Saturday, November 20 from 10am-5pm
Basket Donations/Drop-off: 
Monday-Friday - November 15-Nov. 19 ... 9am-3pm.  
Our Office Manager, Joanne, will be here to accept your donated baskets (must be worth at least $15.)
Sunday, November 14…9am-1pm. 
The church will be open and baskets can be dropped off and placed on the stage.  If none of those hours work for you, please contact the church and we will make arrangements for the donation. A monetary donation can also be made and will be converted into a basket from you.

Saturday, November 20: preview hours from 10am to 5pm.
Admission $15: 1 sheet of tickets, 1 Grand Prize basket ticket.
•  Patrons enter through the front double door with the wreaths on them. Social distancing while in line. Masks required. 
•  Admission tables will be set up in the hall. When purchasing your admission, we’ll be keeping track of the admission ticket number, your name, phone number, and preferred pickup slot on a spreadsheet. 
•  We want to limit the amount of people in the fellowship hall at any given time, so we might have the Admission table pause activity if needed; chairs will be available, if needed.
•  Each table will have a cup of “Used” and a cup of “Cleaned” pens for use, or you can use your own pen.
•  Additional Tickets table: will follow the same format: ticket numbers on a sheet; write your name and phone number, with preferred pickup time.
•  Patrons then go through the tables, placing tickets in the cups corresponding to the basket numbers. Once you have gone through the tables, the exit is through the back door near the kitchen.
•  In the Admission Packet, each patron will get the web address for the livestream. The flyer will also have a space for you to write down what time you picked for basket pickup as well as a reminder that you must bring the ticket stub to claim the basket.
•  Admission will stop at 5 pm. Once the last patrons are out the door (approximately 5:30), we will start the livestream.
Ticket Pulling:
Our emcee Sharon and her lovely assistant Emily will go down the tables,
pull the tickets, and announce each winning ticket number.
As they pull the winning ticket, that number will be recorded on a spreadsheet and the ticket itself taped to the corresponding basket.
Basket Pickup:
Once the tickets are all pulled, and the Grand Prize awarded,
basket pickup starts at 7 pm.
We’ll have pickup on Saturday night (7 to 8:30 pm)
and then again on Sunday afternoon (12PM to  2PM).
 The list of winning tickets/baskets (no names) will be posted on Facebook and on the church webpage for reference.
We will have “personal shoppers” to escort the basket winner to their basket(s) (and assist in getting to the car, if necessary).
Remember: your ticket stub(s) is required to claim your basket(s)—including the Grand Prize.