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Youth Group Registration Form - 2014-2015
Youth Name:
Birth Date:
Name of Parent(s)/Guardian(s):
Home Phone:
Parent/Guardian Cell:
Communication regarding youth group events will normally be done by church announcement, bulletin updates, a private Facebook group, and/or email, or by phone if absolutely necessary. List an e-mail that you check on a regular basis. E-mail address:
Participation of parents is essential, and expected of you, for the Youth Group to have a successful year. We will expect you to occasionally volunteer your time either as Pastor Todd's co-pilot for a meeting, assist with outings by either driving or chaperoning, or helping to provide a simple meal for the kids. The more volunteers we have, the lighter the load!
Photography/Videography Waiver: I understand that my child may be photographed or recorded on video during the course of youth ministry events. By initialing below I provide consent for their image to be used in either print, electronic, or video form for any communication or promotion activity associated with Unity Hill UCC. Initials of Parent/Guardian Below:
I hereby grant permission for my child
to be a member of Unity Hill UCC Youth Group and to participate in activities arranged by the Youth Group Advisor(s) in this regard from time to time. This will serve to release of Unity Hill UCC and all of its personnel, employees and representatives from liability in case of accident or injury resulting from all causes in connection with such membership including outings, field trips or other activities which necessitate travel away from Unity Hill UCC.
In granting this permission and release, I specifically recognize that my child may from time to time be transported to events by private vehicles operated by advisors or volunteers not as agents, employees or representatives. In such regard, I specifically release and will hold harmless Unity Hill UCC, its employees, agents and representatives from any and all liability which may arise as a result of such transportation whether or not organized by Unity Hill UCC. Please type your name and date the form in the space below: