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College Scholarship Application For Unity Hill United Church of Christ
Date of application:
Date of Birth:
Cell Phone:
Home Phone:
I was baptized:
I was confirmed:
Date Confirmed.
Parents Name:
Address (w/City & State):
Please check YES if you understand:
I understand that my H.S. GPA must be a minimum of a 2.5 to be considered for a scholarship and a copy of my transcript will be submitted with the application.
I have read and understand the UHUCC College Scholarship Policy.
For academic year:
What college do you plan to attend?
Will you be a F/T or P/T Student?
What career(s) are you considering?
Career Goals:
Please tell us about any community service, work experience, or special interests:
Please tell us about any UCC activities that you have participated in or positions you have held:
Please tell us how receiving a scholarship will help you in your life and your academic career:
ESSAY: Attach a one page (single sided, single spaced) essay on your goals for the future and how your participation in Church and your Faith Journey has affected the important choices you've made in your life. This can be faxed to Unity Hill UCC at 203-374-1120.
Date Reviewed:
Date Approved:
Approved by signature:
Approved by written:
Scholarship amount:
Source of Funding: